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Website Backups

Website Backups are like daily vitamins...

If you don't run them, you might be fine. But sooner or later disaster always strikes, and you want your website's immune system to be ready.

The best way of protecting your site from future doom is to keep it healthy with a series of website backups. We can keep weeks of backups at the ready, just in case!

Don't wait until you actually need it most!

If you don't run backups, once your website is gone, it's gone. There's no going back.

Run backups as a hedge against uncertainty. It’s affordable, automated, and easy to keep track of.

Website Backup 5 GB
$2.99 / per month
Website Backup 25 GB
$4.99 / per month
Website Backup 50 GB
$7.99 / per month

Website Backups FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions,
Answered By Our Backup Technicians

If you like running manual backups, knock yourself out. What you do in your own time is your business.

Our backups are automatic. You’re in control – set up when they take place every day and go back to whatever you were doing before. This is the ultimate set it and forget it, no worries, backup system.

This is the gold equivalent of daily backups.

If these backups were physical, they’d be in a vault at an undisclosed location in the Swiss Alps. They’re safe, monitored daily, and ultra secure against hackers and data degradation.

First, your backups are monitored for malware, so if there’s something malicious with your backup we’ll catch it for you.

Second, the backups themselves are held at a completely separate location, and many backups can be kept at a single time. So if your website becomes corrupted for other than malicious reasons, you can always load up the earliest version of your site on record to get ahead of whenever the corruption took place.

We get it! Retaining granular control over your website is important. There’s nothing prohibiting you from keeping your backups close to your chest.

Download copies of your backups to local storage for emergency access or migration, whenever you want!

Should the unthinkable happen, your restoration is literally a single click away. You select the date of the backup you’d like to be restored, we’ll take care of the rest. The actual process only takes minutes.