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Linux Hosting (cPanel)

Are you a developer?

Our cPanel Accounts Might Be For You!

Banking on growing your business (or multiple businesses)? Our cPanel accounts give you maximum flexibility to create multiple websites, install multiple applications, and manage everything the way you want!

Simplest Plan

The absolute simplest plan for cPanel noobs. This is a great way to learn the basics of cPanel.

cPanel Starter
$2.99 / per month

Intermediate Plans

If you’re feeling frisky and expect a lot of projects, consider managing them within a single account. Intrigued? Our Deluxe package might be for you.

Just make sure you’re familiar with the cPanel environment before you dive in headfirst. If you don’t know what you’re doing but want to learn, familiarize yourself with our Starter plan before you leap into our economy or deluxe packages.

cPanel Economy
$7.99 / per month
cPanel Deluxe
$10.99 / per month

Super Duper Ultimate cPanel Developer Plan

If you’re a pro and you know it, flaunt it with our Ultimate cPanel package.

cPanel Ultimate
$16.99 / per month

cPanel University

Frequently Asked Questions,
Answered By Our cPanel Professors

Of course! But if you’re asking this question, you should probably start with our Starter plan before you dive into the Ultimate. Or just use one of our Managed WordPress plans! cPanel accounts aren’t for everyone.

Yes – you can run manual backups via cPanel to your heart’s content!

Yes! In 99.9% of all cases, you’ll be able to transfer your website to MoonBuzz with minimal effort.

Please keep in mind that there are certain types of websites we cannot offer hosting for because the hosting is synonymous with the type of website.

Two great examples of this are Shopify and WebFlow. If you own a website with either of these platforms, you’ll have to recreate them in another CMS (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) if you want to transfer the site to a cPanel account with MoonBuzz.

HIPAA Compliance is an incredibly stringent standard of security necessary for healthcare websites. If you aren’t a healthcare organization, we suggest you don’t open up this particular can of worms.

We do not, at this time, offer HIPAA Compliant servers, hosting packages, or websites.

Yes – we offer servers if you’d like something all to yourself! But that requires quite a lot more knowhow than what it takes to run a cPanel account. For most organizations, cPanel accounts on a shared server are the most affordable and effective way to stand up a website.