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Don't wait until your website is broken...

Purchase peace of mind by heading off hackers before they ruin your day.

We’ve partnered up with Sucuri to offer competitive security packages. Why? Because it’s what Sucuri does. We are used to installing SSL Certificates – Sucuri is used to fortifying websites against malicious attacks.

The best part? You can access your new Sucuri protection plan directly from your hosting dashboard.

Toughen up your website security!

Get a first rate SSL Certificate for maximum encryption!

Choose the plan that’s best for you or your business needs.

Website Security Essential
$6.99 / per month
Website Security Deluxe
$19.99 / per month
Website Security Express
$299.99 / per year

Website Security Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions,
Answered By Our Security Mavens

Malware is really just a catch-all word for ANY type of malicious software (a combination of MALicious and softWARE).

That’s what makes it so difficult to defend against – you have to be ready for anything.

Because malware attacks are mostly automated, they generally don’t target any site in particular. They are like constantly roaming bands of zombies. mindlessly clawing at business doors for signs of weakness.

Don’t let zombie software inside your website. Our services with Sucuri will both prevent and eradicate malware wherever it shows its ugly head.

Malware is often used to extract valuable personal or financial information through technical infiltration. In some cases, perceived harm to your computer or financial assets can be used to leverage ransom payments. 

Malware is very much like a virus in that it can spread via multiple contact points, from malicious sites that you’ve accidentally clicked on to USB drives, apps, emails, and text messages.

Sometimes malware is insidiously hard to find. That’s why it’s important to use a monitoring service like Sucuri. With constant scans, your website will always be free of malware debris.

Some signs of malware infection are more pronounced than others. Unless you’re getting a malware warning, it can simply look as if your site has dropped its overall performance without warning.