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Managed WordPress

Hassle Free WordPress Hosting...

A fully managed hosting solution for WordPress.

Half of the battle with WordPress sites is fine tuning hosting. Whether it’s the maximum upload size for media, or memory limits exceeded, there is a lot of development necessary for WordPress to run flawlessly. We make sure your hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress.

Simplest Package

WordPress Basic
$9.99 / per month

Intermediate Packages

Need more juice? If you're not a developer, don't bother with cPanel.

We’ll still give you direct access to your files – we just take care of the details so you don’t have to think about it.

WordPress Deluxe
$14.99 / per month
WordPress Ultimate
$16.99 / per month

LOOK OUT! Expert Packages Below!

Looking for a WordPress Ecommerce Solution?

WordPress Ecommerce
$29.99 / per month

Are you a digital entrepreneur paddling in uncharted waters?

Sometimes it makes sense to buy in bulk! If you’re a developer or a web designer expecting a lot of clients, consider our Developer and Pro packages!

Charge your clients independently for the hosting you provide!

WordPress Developer
$24.99 / per month
WordPress Pro
$70.00 / per month

WordPress Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions,
Answered By Our WP Expertise

With Managed WordPress, we make website development incredibly easy through the use of one click staging. You can work on your site by assigning a temporary domain to it. When you’re ready to make it live, the entire process takes minutes.

Yes – it’s probably easier than you think. If you have administrator access to the site you want to transfer, all you have to do is log in through our portal and we’ll take care of the rest!

No – at this time the Managed WordPress hosting package covers only hosting optimization and support for specifically WordPress websites.

Of course! You can delete and swap out your WordPress site whenever you’d like. It’s a very straightforward process you can accomplish from your Managed WordPress dashboard.

Yes – you can add any domain you’d like :). As long as you have access to the domain’s DNS records, you can point it to our servers. Even if the domain is registered with another hosting company!